God does arithmetic.


the human mind will never penetrate‎Eureka! ‎Eureka!god does arithmetic‎there'll be plenty of time to rest in the‎ ‎grave‎I think‎ ‎therefore I amwe have met with a paradoxthink %1‎why are numbers beautifulthe joy of travelbut the fruit is sweetto discover some order in the‎ sequence of prime numberstelle est la destinée d'un savantit is sufficient to know a thing too much‎I don't believe in‎ ‎mathematicsCogito Ergo Sumand number theory is the queen of‎ ‎mathematics‎mathematics is the queen of the scienceseverything turns into mathematicsomnia mathematica fiuntmathematics for allis the exact part of our thinkingimagination is more important than‎ knowledgethe roots of education are bitterit is not necessary to know too many things‎it is not enough to have a good mind‎this is the destiny of‎ ‎scientist

What is Arithland?


What we care most about in Arithland is that people, generally, need and use mathematics, university or school students, graduates and Experts in other sciences. So programs in Arithland is for everyone; Either those who like mathematics , those who are indifferent or those who hate it. We have plans for every Age, every amount of interest and every level of mathematical knowledge.


Mathematical competitions around the world focus on their best participants, meaning that having great mathematical knowledge and being a good a problemsolver is necessery in for taking part in a competition. This can't make the mathematical society stronger or attract people from outside , who may hate mathematics or be indifferent about it. Actually the aim of a mathematical program should be to increase the average knowledge of the society. However it's every mathametical institution's duty to identify the mathematical talented people and increase their knowledge, yet these people are just a small part of the society so, The goal to increase the interest in mathematics will not be reached by these competions. In arithalnd, We also care about the below-average students and besides identifying talents we also make them!



It is essential that teachers get familiar with new teaching methods and change their traditional minds. There are parents who always want to know their child's ranking between his classmates. These people make the teachers teach because of different exams such as entrance exams or olympiads and of course in these people's opinion an education is reliable only when their child is first in one of the non-standard rankings. Arithland Workshops makes it possible for teachers to have a new look at teaching methods, and this will yield to new researches in learning and teaching mathematics.